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Current financial status

Sorry we've been slow to update the financials. Beginning at the end of 2022, our financial statements will appear here annually (and will no longer appear monthly). We hope you can help us keep the servers going!

Please make your donations here.

Financial history since Jan. 1, 2019
Month Donations
during month, $
expense, $
Paid by Funds on hand
at month's end, $
Mar 2022    1005.00 442.48 Donation funds 3581.02
Feb 2022    52.31 74.95 Donation funds 3018.50
Jan 2022    408.83 74.95 Donation funds 3041.14
Dec 2021    7.42 74.95 Donation funds 2707.26
Nov 2021    53.06 74.95 Donation funds 2774.79
Oct 2021    28.79 74.95 Donation funds 2796.68
Sept 2021    28.79 74.95 Donation funds 2842.84
Aug 2021    14.07 74.95 Donation funds 2889.00
Jul 2021    9.55 74.95 Donation funds 2949.88
Jun 2021    364.83 74.95 Donation funds 3015.28
May 2021    5.00 74.95 Donation funds 2,829.23
April 2021    5.00 74.95 Donation funds 2,968.05
March 2021    5.00 74.95 Donation funds 3,038.00
February 2021    5.00 74.95 Donation funds 3,107.95
January 2021    134.75 74.95 Donation funds 3,177.90

The above chart reflects the financial situation as of the last calendar day of that month.
(a) As of Mar. 2022, the server underwent hardware and software upgrades. The new server is $99 per month. The old server will stay up while transition work continues. The old server costs $74.95/mo. In March, we paid all server costs ahead through May 21 (so likely no server charge in April). In March and April, here were also charges for a domain name for the old server and the purchase of some necessary software for technical staff.
(b) Prior to 6/4/2021, donations via Paypal were not moved into the Citizendium bank account but languished in Paypal and were not in this report; thus, donations made between Feb. and May 2021 were shown in the Jun 2021 report.
(c) There was an incorrect payment of $103.83 made in June 2021. That amount will be reimbursed to The Citizendium in Jan 2022.


NOTE 1: Only server hosting expenses shown here. Occasionally, there are other expenses such as email hosting et al.
NOTE 2: Thanks to our generous donors in 2021, including M. Audrius, G. Corder, A. Dedman, P. Hayes, D. MacQuigg, R. Merriam, J. McIntire, A. Naugler, P. Palmer, J. Shields, G. Swan, and M. Widmer.

Financial Report Archives
Archive 1, 6-26-2020: Financial_report/Archive1 (pre-2019)
Archive 2, 1-11-2021: Financial_report/Archive2 (2019-20)

Regular donations appreciated

We would appreciate it if our members could make regular donations, starting with as little as $3.90 per month, as shown just below:

20 members pledging $3.90 per month ($46.80/year) would be enough to keep the wiki going or
15 members pledging $5.20 per month ($62.40/year) would be enough to keep the wiki going or
10 members pledging $7.80 per month (93.60/year) would be enough to keep the wiki going

In Southern California, the cost of seeing a movie at the cinema is $15. Please make your donations here.

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